Wednesday, June 25, 2008

YYOL® text message acronym for positive self esteem

GTG, BRB, LOL; well here's a new text messaging acronym; AND it stands for empowering kids to discover their inner cheerleader! YEAH YEAH Out Loud©!
(if you want to know some more visit
It's the vision of YYOL® to be a key, recognizable symbol for positive self-esteem.
To help them reach their full potential by demonstrating that collectively and individually they are capable of doing more than they thought possible, leading to lifelong successes.

Develop fun and inspiring solid foundation programs that foster positive self esteem while fulfilling national and state educational requirements.

Provide and support a web site that communicates clear and effective strategies and techniques to achieve sharing of positive self esteem methods and applications.
This is all achieved through the story of Hur-Ray© and Kiddazy® who's faces are made up of the letters Y Y O L.

Visit and see how your community can become YYOL and find a new awareness of POSITIVE acronyms!

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